Mon May 04 2020

An American former professional basketball player who played 20 seasons in the National Basketball Association....


Eye Kneed To Ass You

Thu Jun 11 2020

Media: Mass incarceration. Sheesh: Mass criminality. Media: Systemic racism. Sheesh: Persecution complex. Media: White cop kills unarmed black man. Sheesh: Bad cop kills ex-con suspect. Media: Floyd was a ‘gentle giant’. Sheesh: His pregnant victim say that? Media: Abolish the police. Sheesh: Join NRA. ...


Complex Persecution Blues

Mon Jun 29 2020

No. No No No No and NO. Oh my dog (head shakes). National Book Award used to be prestigious. What happened? This book doesn’t even meet the minimum standards for a substantiated op-ed piece. Author says Hurricane Katrina had a slow racist response for those stranded. I recall prodigious warnings and efforts to evacuate before this category 5 hurricane made landfall. Who stayed behind? Those who looked at the empty homes of evacuees as a looting party? The author acknowledged that gun stores were looted, that rescuers were fired upon, that they shot at helicopters. Floods are extremely dangerous situations. The feds and Bush did an exemplary job faced with shooters and a flood. I would’ve left the imbeciles stranded. There are way too many points to disagree with this author on. No, communism is not a better economic system than our Socialist/Capitalist system for promoting prosperity: Angela Davis. The author commends Ms. Davis, who may be regarded as a domestic terrorist for advocating violence, owning weapons that were used to kill a judge and 3 black men, and, was it Davis who wanted a modern civil war to break out? Seems they, ANTIFA, BLM, Communists, Angela Davis, and assorted demented Lefties are hoping (as, I would imagine are the Russians, Chinese and Kim Jong Un, too), that our Constitution and economic system will be relegated to the historical trash pile as a failed sociology experiment. I suppose we aim to find out. No 2nd Amendment pun intended. GO TRUMP!...


You Are So Beautiful

Tue Aug 04 2020

Drugs prescription or illicit? What's your chemical of choice? WORD...